Hey there, I’m Roslyn Black. I’m a musician working and living in Toronto.


I started my musical journey waaaaay back in the early 90’s when I met an incredible music teacher at my school. He inspired me, pushed me and wouldn’t let me accept anything but my best work. I am indebted to him, and to the incredible horn specialists I worked with as an undergraduate and graduate student. I’m so lucky to have learned from the best and now I live and work in an incredibly vibrant city with a wonderful and thriving musical community.

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You can catch me onstage with many ensembles in Toronto, including the Canadian Opera Company, the Toronto Concert Orchestra, and Euphonia Toronto. I keep busy with jazz and pop recordings on the side and love to teach the younger generation and inspire them to a life-long love of music. Please check out my upcoming schedule, peruse my past projects, or drop me a line and ask a question!


Much love,